Understanding the Results

DecisionDx™-Melanoma measures the activity of 31 specific genes within your tumor to determine the likelihood of it spreading to other parts of the body. The test identifies your prognosis as either Class 1 or Class 2, which represents the statistical risk of metastasis over 5 years, the period for which data has been collected.

Below are the potential test results:

• Class 1: These patients are at a very low risk with a 3% chance of metastasis within 5 years.
• Class 2: These patients are at high risk with 69% odds of the cancer spreading within 5 years.

This information is extremely helpful for you and your doctor to plan your follow-up care. A Class 1 designation would support the commonly employed low risk follow-up methods used today, including routine skin exams and clinical examination of the lymph nodes. For a Class 2 result, there could be further considerations about the kind and frequency of monitoring you may need, referral to surgical and/or medical oncology for consideration of further treatment, or possible participation in clinical trials as they become available.


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