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SkinMelanoma.com was created for people whose lives have been touched by this rare cancer. We provide information about the disease and its treatment, as well as great resources. But our main goal is to make patients aware of a genomic test that can help determine whether the melanoma will metastasize, or spread to internal organs.

castle_logo-300x62Unlike traditional prognostic factors, DecisionDx-Melanoma analyzes your individual tumor biology to provide you with more personalized information about how your cancer might behave. Our company, Castle Biosciences, designed and developed this test to give you and your physician added information to help make the best decisions about your treatment and follow-up care.

We work with leading cancer treatment centers to develop molecular tests like DecisionDx-Melanoma to help patients and physicians achieve better outcomes in rare cancers. We strongly believe that it is up to each patient, in discussion with their doctor, to determine whether they want to know their metastatic risk. So we’ve dedicated this site to providing a comprehensive and factual basis for making that decision.

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A new genomic test is designed to predict if your cancer is at high risk of spreading, based on your tumor’s biology. Watch Video
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